7 Clothing Stores You’ll Love If You Adore House of CB

House of CB is known for its chic and elegant designs that make you feel confident and stylish. Their luxurious fabrics, stunning cuts, and show-stopping dresses have earned them a loyal following. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out, a special event, or just want to look your best, House of CB never disappoints.

But what if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe with similar styles or explore new brands that offer a similar aesthetic? Here’s a roundup of other stores that offer similar vibes, style, and elegance to House of CB.

Stores Similar to House of CB

1. Meshki

A woman in an off-the-shoulder pink mini dress with a flared skirt, paired with white heeled sandals, standing against a plain background.
Image Via @meshki

Meshki is renowned for its bold designs that exude confidence and elegance. Their range includes glamorous dresses and chic evening wear, all crafted from high-quality fabrics. Meshki’s unique and stylish pieces stand out, making it a go-to for party dresses and sleek co-ord sets. Their designs often feature trendy silhouettes and a mix of modern and classic styles that appeal to fashion-forward individuals. Meshki is more affordable than House of CB, ensuring you can get the same luxurious feel without spending as much. Whether you’re looking for a statement dress for a night out or a sophisticated outfit for a special event, Meshki has got you covered.

2. Oh Polly

A woman in a white midi dress with spaghetti straps, posing elegantly in an outdoor setting with classical architecture, including tall columns and neatly trimmed bushes.
Image Via @ohpolly

Oh Polly is known for its trendy, figure-hugging pieces that make a bold statement. Oh Polly is known for its trendy, figure-hugging pieces that make a bold statement. With vibrant colors, bold prints, and unique designs, Oh Polly is perfect for those who love to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. Their collection of mini dresses and stylish tops are versatile and fashionable. The brand is beloved for its vibrant and youthful aesthetic, often featuring stylish cuts, bright colors, and distinctive details. Oh Polly is ideal for those who love to make an entrance and stand out from the crowd. This brand is also more affordable than House of CB, making it a great option for anyone looking to keep their wardrobe stylish on a budget.

3. For Love & Lemons

A woman in a white lace mini dress with floral patterns, off-the-shoulder straps, and a front lace-up design, accessorized with gold hoop earrings and a white headband, standing against a white background.
Image Via @forloveandlemons

For Love & Lemons offers a dreamy mix of romantic and bohemian styles. Known for their delicate lace details, charming prints, and feminine silhouettes, For Love & Lemons is perfect for those who love unique and detailed pieces in their wardrobe. The brand’s aesthetic is characterized by its whimsical and vintage-inspired designs, often featuring floral patterns, intricate embroidery, and flowing fabrics. For Love & Lemons is perfect for those who love a touch of femininity in their wardrobe. The brand is generally comparable in price to House of CB, providing high-quality pieces that feel both luxurious and special.

4. Revolve

A woman in a strapless, floor-length white gown, holding a small black handbag, standing in a hallway with patterned green carpet and banana leaf wallpaper.
Image Via @revolve

Revolve is a go-to for contemporary and high-end fashion. Their curated collections feature a variety of brands and designers, offering a wide range of styles from casual chic to high-glamour looks. Revolve’s selection of dresses and statement pieces are perfect for anyone who loves to stay trendy. This brand is known for its extensive selection of stylish and on-trend pieces, often featuring collaborations with designers and influencers. Whether you’re looking for a casual day outfit or a glamorous evening gown, Revolve has something for every occasion. Depending on the brand, Revolve can be either more affordable or pricier than House of CB, giving you a range of options to suit your budget.

5. Club L London

A woman in a deep red, floor-length gown with thin straps, accompanied by a matching shawl, posing in a lush garden setting with stone walls and greenery.
Image Via @clubllondon

Club L London is known for its glamorous and sophisticated designs. They offer a variety of stunning dresses perfect for special occasions and night outs. Their collection features elegant evening gowns, chic party dresses, and trendy outfits, all crafted with attention to detail and high-quality fabrics. The brand’s aesthetic is characterized by its luxurious and polished designs, often featuring figure-flattering silhouettes, intricate embellishments, and bold colors. Club L London is ideal for those who want to make a statement and exude elegance and sophistication at any event. This brand is generally more affordable than House of CB.

6. Reformation

A woman seated in a relaxed pose, wearing a cream-colored dress with red floral patterns, paired with a light beige cardigan and burgundy heels, against a plain white background.
Image Via @reformation

Reformation is known for its sustainable and eco-friendly approach to fashion without compromising on style. Their collections feature a range of trendy and classic pieces perfect for any occasion. With a focus on quality fabrics and flattering silhouettes, Reformation offers an elegant, sophisticated alternative for shoppers. The brand’s aesthetic is characterized by its minimalist and timeless designs, often featuring clean lines, neutral colors, and versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. Reformation is perfect for those who value sustainability and want to invest in high-quality, stylish pieces that will stand the test of time. Reformation’s prices are generally comparable to House of CB.

7. Lulus

A woman in a short, dark blue dress with bold floral prints in yellow and red, featuring puff sleeves, posing confidently on a city sidewalk.
Image Via @lulus

Lulus offers a wide variety of fashionable pieces, from casual daywear to stunning evening gowns. With affordable prices that are just as stylish as House of CB, Lulus regularly updates their collection with the latest trends. Their evening wear and special occasion dresses are perfect for weddings and parties. Lulus is more affordable than House of CB, making it a perfect option for stylish finds on a budget.

Expanding Your Wardrobe: Tips for Shopping Similar Styles

When expanding your wardrobe with similar styles to House of CB, consider the following tips to ensure you find pieces that resonate with your personal style and preferences:

1. Identify Your Key Style Elements

Take note of the elements you love most about House of CB’s designs. Whether it’s the luxurious fabrics, the well-tailored fits, or the sophisticated cuts, identifying these key elements will help you find similar styles in other brands. Look for pieces that incorporate these features to maintain a cohesive and stylish wardrobe.

2. Pay Attention to Fabrics and Details

When shopping for similar styles, pay attention to the fabrics and details of the pieces. Luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, and lace, along with intricate details like embroidery and embellishments, can elevate your outfit and give it a sophisticated and high-end feel.

3. Consider Sustainability

If sustainability is important to you, brands like Reformation offer stylish and eco-friendly options. Investing in sustainable fashion not only helps the environment but also ensures that you have high-quality and timeless pieces in your wardrobe.

If House of CB’s elegant and stylish designs are your go-to, these stores are sure to become your new favorites. Whether you’re looking for trendy fashion, sophisticated elegance, or unique designs, these stores offer something for every style and occasion. Explore these brands to find your next show-stopping outfit and keep your wardrobe exciting. Happy shopping!

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