23 Trendy Nails You’ll Want To Wear This Summer

An image of nails with a soft gradient from clear to blue on stiletto tips.

As we all transition out from winter and spring into the vibrant energy of summer, it’s not just our wardrobe that’s getting a sunny update—our nails are getting in on the seasonal action too. It’s all about those summer nails that echo the season’s spontaneity and the splash of an ocean wave.

This is for those of you looking for that perfect summer nail inspo. Whether you’re all about the elegance of florals, the sleek touch of chrome, or the vibrant splash of colorful designs, these 23 summer nail ideas are the perfect way to showcase your style.

23 Fun Summer Nails To Try

1. Pastel Yellow

Image displays a set of hands with almond-shaped nails, featuring pastel yellow tips and delicate pink floral designs, evoking a summer garden feel.
Image Via @prissyjnails

Embrace the gentle hues of summer with these almond-shaped nails adorned with soft pastel yellows and playful floral accents. Perfect for a sunny day out or a subtle touch to any summer dress.

2. Sky’s the Limit

Photograph shows hands with long almond nails painted in a vibrant sky blue, complemented by a silver ring, capturing the essence of a perfect summer sky.
Image Via @overglowedit

Bright blue nails scream fun in the sun! Match your nails to the summer sky and add a shiny ring for extra sparkle.

3. Blue Tips With Floral

Almond-shaped nails with a translucent base, sky-blue French tips with white floral accents, and inverse design on ring fingers featuring white tips with blue flowers.
Image Via @nylove_nails

These feature a soft, almond-shaped silhouette. The nails have a translucent base that progresses into a sky-blue French tip adorned with white floral patterns. On the ring fingers, the French tips are painted white with delicate blue flowers.

4. Rosy Twilight

The photo shows hands with pointed nails, presenting a gradient of pink shades and delicate designs, adorned with glittering stones, inspired by the colors of a summer sunset.
Image Via @vivianmariewong

Each nail is thoughtfully crafted, featuring a translucent base that blooms into shades of soft pink. Two of the nails are adorned with a delicate rose design.

5. Peachy Serenity

A photo displaying a hand with nails polished in a soft, peachy hue, reminiscent of a peaceful summer dusk, adorned with elegant gold rings.
Image Via @jadeandpolished

Embrace the warmth of the summer with these light coral nails. The perfect blend of understated elegance and modern chic, these nails are your go-to for any summer adventure.

6. Lavender Chrome

A hand featuring almond-shaped nails with a lavender holographic polish, catching the light for a mesmerizing effect.
Image Via @vivianmariewong

Step into summer with these chic lavender nails that offer a holographic shimmer, perfect for day and night.

7. Sunset Sorbet

The photograph captures nails with an orange to pink gradient, reminiscent of a summertime fruit sorbet.
Image Via @maniwithsami

These nails mimic a tropical sunset with vibrant orange and pink hues, ideal for warm evenings and beachside strolls.

8. Dainty Daisy

An image showcasing nails with a pale yellow tip and a small white daisy, capturing the simplicity of summer.
Image Via @leannehaycock_

Simple yet charming, these nails with a yellow tip and a delicate daisy design are your go-to for a picnic or a garden walk.

9. Classic Blush

 A picture of a hand adorned with classic almond-shaped blush-colored nails, exuding a timeless summer elegance.
Image Via @prissyjnails

Keep it timeless with these glossy blush nails, perfect for any summer occasion, from outdoor weddings to brunch with friends.

10. Skyline Edge

An image of nails with a soft gradient from clear to blue on stiletto tips, resembling a summer sky.
Image Via @vivianmariewong

If you are a fan of a more minimalist look then this variation of blue French tip manicure is perfect for you. The nails have a sheer base, then are finished with a blue French tip, with a different shade of blue on each nail.

11. Berry Bliss

A hand sporting a bold berry color on pointed nails, with one featuring a delicate white floral pattern, like a summer bloom.
Image Via @monika__nails

Embrace the sweetness of summer with these rich berry-toned nails complemented by a single nail with floral accents for a feminine touch.

12. Peach Perfect

A hand adorned with almond-shaped nails painted in a glossy, warm peach shade, paired with a sophisticated gold ring.
Image Via @allnailss._

A soft peach polish brings a subtle warmth to these elegantly shaped nails, making them a versatile choice for both day and evening wear.

13. Pink Swoon

A hand with sharp stiletto nails featuring vibrant pink tips and coordinating pink dots, creating a look that's both playful and chic.
Image Via @prissyjnails

This stylish nail design begins with a light pink glossy base for each nail, then are finished with a V-shape French tip, with one hot pink side and one soft pink side. It is finished off with dots of the same pink colors on each nail.

14. Minty Fresh Elegance

A hand gracefully presents almond-shaped nails painted in a refreshing mint green shade, each adorned with a subtle white artistic detail for an elegant finish.
Image Via @heluviee

These almond-shaped nails are a breath of fresh air with a mint green color, accented with delicate white design details for a touch of sophistication.

15. Lime Twist

A hand presents a modern twist on French tips, with a vibrant lime green edge.
Image Via @prissyjnails

Elevate your nail game with a playful touch of neon. These stiletto nails boast a natural pink base blooming into neon green and blue tips.

16. Sunset Silhouettes

A hand features almond-shaped nails with a delicate yellow tip, accented with a bold pink outline, reminiscent of a colorful summer sunset.
Image Via @heluviee

Perfect for sunny days and warm evenings, these nails boast pale yellow tips outlined by a striking pink border, combining softness with a pop of color.

17. Strawberry Melt

A hand displays stiletto nails with an ombre effect that transitions from a vibrant strawberry pink to a soft, milky pink, each nail crowned with a small sparkling rhinestone.
Image Via @prissyjnails

These stiletto nails with a blush to bold pink gradient give off a sweet, playful summer vibe. Finish off with a single rhinestone on each nail.

18. Apricot Swirls

A photo capturing a hand with nails featuring elegant swirls of apricot, set off by stylish gold rings, embodying a breezy summer elegance.
Image Via @heluviee

Channel the days of summer with these almond-shaped nails that feature a clean, sheer base highlighted by elegant streaks of a vivid citrus orange.

19. Neon Contours

A hand elegantly presents nails with a glossy, transparent base adorned with vibrant neon pink lines along the edges.
Image Via @prissyjnails

This nail design features a sheer glossy base with each nail accented by thin neon pink lines. It’s a playful yet elegant take on nail art, perfect for adding a pop of color.

20. Dainty Blue Daisies

A hand shows off nails with a delicate pink base and charming blue daisy designs on the tips, a fresh and floral nail art perfect for the sunny season.
Image Via @pearliepressed

The design paints a serene picture with a soft pink base on each nail, and the tips are creatively adorned with dainty blue daisy patterns, giving a whimsical floral touch that’s perfect for any summer day.

21. Summer Petal

 hand is displayed with nails that transition from a translucent pink base to vibrant pink tips, while the ring finger showcases a graceful floral pattern.
Image Via @heluviee

This nail design features a sheer pink gradient that melts into a bold, hot pink tip. The ring finger is adorned with a delicate white and pink floral design.

22. Twilight Shimmer

A hand elegantly displays a set of nails with a gradient design, beginning with pale lavender and deepening to a rich sapphire blue, finished with a shimmer.
Image Via @maniwithsami

These nails present a chic gradient that transitions from a soft lavender to a deep sapphire blue, capturing the mesmerizing colors of a dusky sky. The subtle shimmer within the polish adds a touch of elegance.

23. Lavender Whispers

A hand models nails alternating between a solid, tender lavender color and a nude base with sophisticated white floral art and subtle rhinestone embellishments.
Image Via @monika__nails

This nail ensemble embraces the gentle hues of lavender, with two nails showcasing a clean, soft lilac tone. The remaining nails feature a beige base, adorned with delicate white floral patterns and tiny rhinestone accents.

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